When Grandparents Divorce

“A well-written book that explores a topic—grandparents divorcing—where there are very few resources available to parents and professionals. The story line is complemented perfectly by the wonderful illustrations. Katie does an excellent job of exploring the issue of divorce on a child’s level and the emotions involved during such a difficult time. I especially like the parent guide that is provided at the end and the interactive cues used throughout the story. A wonderful tool that I will definitely utilize in my counseling practice!” 
---Dede Harris-Bruss, Licensed Professional Counselor

"Katie does a wonderful job at explaining the signs and symptoms of children in emotional distress caused by divorce, while teaching parents useful tools and techniques for normalizing and guiding children through their feelings. A great book for all parents experiencing divorce." 
---Julie Feider, Licensed Professional Counselor

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  4. I remember back in college when my grandparents divorced, my college admissions counselor advised me to read books like these and it helped me a lot.

  5. Today, half of all American grandchildren have at least one set of divorced grandparents, but that doesn't make it any easier to tell kids about.

  6. This topic is seldom touched on various publications. The lack of reading materials about elder age divorce is a fact, so this book is quite a find.

  7. It is a great book Katie, thanks for the tip.