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Endorsed by Temple Grandin, AWKWARD: The Social Dos and Don'ts of Being a Young Adult breaks down family, friends, work, and community social situations to help provide tips on socially acceptable behavior in everyday situations. Each situation includes examples of dos and don’ts that related to different perspectives and learning styles. The "do" section is intended to teach specific actions that can be performed to help a situation go well, and the "don't" section is intended to help teach people which actions to avoid in order to prevent awkward or unpleasant interactions.

This book is user-friendly combining Autism and Depression into one workbook. This book focuses finding the source of depression, setting goals, and instilling a more positive perspective on the learner while being sensitive to the symptoms commonly associated with Autism.

Autism and Lockdown includes Tips and Insights from the World's Leading Experts on subjects such as:

  • Carol Gray – Social Stories for a pandemic
  • Dr. Tony Attwood – Latest Research on Autism and Covid 19
  • Temple Grandin – How the Lockdown is Affecting Me
  • Carol Kranowitz – Sensory “Quinks” for Cooped-Up Days
  • Dr. Jed Baker – Anxiety, Autism, and the Coronavirus
  • Dr. Wendy – How to Deal with Sudden Homeschooling
  • Jim Ball – Maintaining Good Behavior During Lockdown
  • Beth Aune – OT Support for Sensory, Motor Skills and Self-care
  • Anita Lesko – My Experiences as a Woman with Autism in the Medical Professional
  • Sean Barron – How to Cope During Lockdown
  • Katie Saint and Carlos Torres – Autism and Depression during Covid 19

  • This book contains visuals to connect ABA and psychology to every day life! There is a lot of pain in the world but luckily there is science for how to fix it! Let's spread the word! Check out instagram for more on this topic! @doctorbehaviorboss
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    Children grieve in many different ways, helping them to process that grief can be difficult. When Grandparents Divorce was written by a Professional Counselor and Behavior Analyst to aid parents in mentoring their children through this sensitive time. while reading this book, children can understand the changes that are happening as well as recognize that their emotions are normal.
    Includes: Q&A guides that offer information and support.

    The Sequential Transition to Adulthood Resource (STAR) Assessment measures the learners ability to function independently.

    STAR Assessment is divided into core and advanced skills to develop abilities that ensure successful, independent living. STAR Assessment maps out program descriptions on how to facilitate skills and help the learner generalize to all environments. The resource section gives activities to expand upon or develop a higher skill set. 

    The categories targeted are: Daily Living Skills, Social Skills, Vocational Skills, Emotional Skills, and Leisure Skills. To assess progress STAR Assessment displays mastery of each goal in a simplistic, color-coded visual based on level of independence. 

    The STAR Assessment is based in behavior analytic principles and relational frame theory. The intention of creating the STAR Assessment was to assist learners in achieving meaningful, value driven lives.

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    Online CEU's, watch at your convenience.  

    ABA and Mental Health


    1. Participants will gain an understanding of common comorbid diagnoses associated with Autism (ADHD, Depression, and ODD). 

    2. Participants will gain an understanding of how mental health and Autism interact. 

    3. Participants will gain an understanding of how parent’s mental health and competing contingencies impact treatment.

    4. Participants will gain an understanding of the boundaries for ABA therapists treating comorbid conditions and effective treatment methods.

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    Link to Purchase ACT Therapy, Depression, and Autism:$25 for video, $25 for books plus s&h.  
    Link for CEU and Books $25 for CEU, $25 for books, + S&H

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      Objectives:  Participants will gain an understanding of common comorbid diagnoses associated with Autism (ADHD, Depression, and ODD).  Par...