Sunday, October 25, 2020

Self Reflection

We all have rule govern behavior that shapes our actions everyday.
"I have to always be the listener. If I talk about myself people won't care."
"If I'm not the best, I don't have value."

Maybe we have had some painful experiences in the past that created powerful associations with hurt. So now we've changed our behavior to avoid experiencing that pain again.

These patterns will continue if we do not face them. We need to recondition these associations by exposing ourselves to these fears. Through repetition of experiencing these things that we are afraid of we will begin to create new associations and new rule governed behavior.


Friday, October 23, 2020

Parent Training Video

Link for video: Parent Training

Check out this video to learn simple ABA principles and mindfulness strategies to help bring peace to your home! 

Compliance Issues?

 Oftentimes we do not need a fancy reward system. We can simply use what the child cares about right in that moment. It doesn't even need to be a confrontational thing. You can stay upbeat and positive, and let them know they can have what they want. They simply have to do whatever that task was that you wanted them to do and then they can have it! Often if we come on too strong as an authority we'll get unnecessary resistance. This is because many people pair authority with punishment. Staying upbeat can avoid that association.

New CEU now ready!!

  Objectives:  Participants will gain an understanding of common comorbid diagnoses associated with Autism (ADHD, Depression, and ODD).  Par...