Tuesday, November 5, 2019

                                             ————ABA FACT OF THE WEEK————

Attention seeking behavior is extremely common. It is most commonly directed toward parents but can be directed at anyone. If a child feels like they are not getting enough attention from their parent’s or another person, it is not unusual for problem behavior to occur. Sometimes the solution is giving attention proactively. If a child receives attention when they are well behaved more often, as opposed to when they are having problem behavior, they will be more likely to have good behavior.

One on one time with your child also helps to meet development needs. One on one time helps to improve self-esteem, opens communication and connectedness, and helps to develop relationship skills. 

Even 5 minutes a day can go a long way.

Some children have an unquenchable need for quality time! If that describes your child talk to your therapy team about creating a behavior plan to help adjust their expectation for quality time to a more reasonable level. ABA techniques could potentially include reward systems, planned ignoring, shaping procedures, social stories, scheduled attention etc.…

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