Tuesday, July 3, 2018

How to Help Kids Through Divorce

Here is a youtube video explaining how to help kids work through a divorce!! This is a hard time for everyone so here are some tips to help your kiddos through it!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Youtube Video on how to handle behaviors and talk to people about Autism !

Hi guys! Here is a youtube video on how to handle behaviors in public! 

Here is an outline of the discussion!

Proactive strategies
·         Tell the child the expectations
·         Write a social story
Skills needed
·         Staying near by
·         Stranger danger
·         Community helpers
·         Personal information
·         Ability to wait
·         Ablity to accept no
Reactive strategies
·         Escape
·         Want
·         Attention
·         automatic
What to say to people
·         Function of their behavior
·         Lack of education
·         Association with labels
·         Misunderstanding
·         Good intentions

New CEU now ready!!

  Objectives:  Participants will gain an understanding of common comorbid diagnoses associated with Autism (ADHD, Depression, and ODD).  Par...