Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Basic Summary of Sex Crimes

Harassment is:
Any sexual comment or action that makes another person uncomfortable. The comment or action does not need to be directed at that person.
Consequences for Sexual Harassment:
Job loss
Jail time
Restricted from certain places (kicked out of a bar, restaurant, library etc… where harassment occurred)

Statutory Rape is:
Having sexual intercourse or sexual contact with someone who is not of the age of consent. Legal age of consent in Wisconsin for sexual intercourse is 18. Legal age of consent for sexual contact is 16. Even if both parties are willing to have sex it is still a criminal offense.
Consequences for Statutory Rape:
Jail Time
Listed as a Sex Offender

Date Rape is:
The use of a drug like GHB or Rophinol to have sex. It is considered 2nd degree assault and is a felony.
Consequences for Date Rape:
Location Restriction
Listed as a Sex Offender

Rape is:
The use of force or manipulation to have sex or having sex without the consent of the sexual partner.
Consequences of Rape:
Location Restriction
Listed as a Sex Offender

Consent is:
Freely given permission to engage in sexual activity and the person must be of legal age to give that permission. Extra caution must be used when there is a power imbalance such as age, or employer/employee.
Consent can end at any point in sexual activity.

Sexual activity is only ok when consent is given for each act that takes place without the influence of manipulation, force or blackmail.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Team Building Activities for Adults or Teens

Create Community and Increase Confidence:
Affirmations game: Everyone writes their name on a piece of paper and you pass it to the right. Each person writes one nice/positive thing about each other person. No negative comments aloud. You keep passing the pieces of paper around the room until it gets back to the original person. 

Get to Know You 
- helps people feel more comfortable and familiar with each other:
2 truths and a Lie: Tell the group that each person will introduce him- or herself by stating two truths about their life and one lie. The rest of the participants will guess which statement is the lie by a holding up a piece of paper that says lie or truth. 

"I have never" Have everyone sit in a circle around the room. Start with one person and then go in order around the circle over and over until the game is over with only one person left with one or more tokens. Have each person, when it is their turn, say something they have never done (or had done to them), but which they think or know others in the circle have. All those in the circle who have done what the person names must put one token in the center of the circle. Once someone turns in their last token they are out of the game.

-Help people communicate and listen better:
Pair up with someone you do not talk to a lot. Sit back to back. One person is handed a picture and has to describe it to the other person without them seeing it. The other person draws what is described. The goal is to get the drawing as close to the original as possible. 

One person gives a 30/60 sec speech about anything or you can pick a topic. They have to talk non stop for 30/60 seconds. The next person in line has to speak for 30/60 seconds describe what they just said. Only talk about positive things. Go around the room until everyone has had a turn. The goal in this is to develop good listening skills. 

New CEU now ready!!

  Objectives:  Participants will gain an understanding of common comorbid diagnoses associated with Autism (ADHD, Depression, and ODD).  Par...