Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Secret to Changing Someone's Life

Hope is powerful. Hope is life giving. 

If you hold hope inside you that implies: 
1. you have a goal for the future 
2. you think you can achieve it
3. you have some level of motivation to get there

When people lack hope that implies:
1. you do not believe your situation can get better
2. you do not believe you have control over your circumstances
3. you cannot see a solution insight therefore you are unmotivated to change

A person without hope is at risk for suicidal behaviors. At times when people are in a difficult situation the emotions are so overwhelming that it's hard to see through the pain. Often it takes an outside person to show them where the hope is. For some people they need a reminder that the pain is temporary. Others need to be reminded that they are strong and have successfully been through hard times before. Some people just need help making a plan and seeing the path that leads them out of their painful situation. 

We are all capable of more than we realize. Having a person who can remind us of that can be the catalyst we need to re-install hope. Be that person for someone. No matter how bad your situation is you still have something to offer someone else. There is always hope. We just can't always see it on our own. 

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