Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to Deal with Valid Anxiety

Ok so no one likes anxiety. What if you have legit anxiety in your life and you don't want to have a nervous break down? Just this week I talked with some one who will remain homeless until some unknown date when his disability gets processed and approved. That is a valid reason to be anxious. Another person I talked to has muscle spasms so bad he blacks out at random times that he cannot predict. That is another valid reason to be stressed. Maybe you have to send your kids to a verbally abusive ex. That's a good reason to be anxious.

So what do with do with this anxiety when it is REAL?

1. Recognize that it is real and valid to be worried about.
2. Talk to someone about it.
3. Look and look and look for the silver lining. (It really does help!)
4. Look for what is good and enjoyable in your life. Do your best to think about that.
5. Meet your basic needs. Eat, and sleep well.
6. Write it out, sing it out, or art project it out! Get it out in some expressive way.
7. Exercise on a regular basis.
8. Do your best to plan around it to minimize it's negative effects on your life.
9. Find something else to focus on and find value in. Distract yourself.

Those nine steps are backed in research. They help. They can help you if you really try them. It's hard to get rid of anxiety but it is miserable to live with it. Commit to these steps and you will see a reduction in your anxiety. If you do not talk with a counselor and/or a doctor.

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