Friday, December 28, 2012

50 New Years Resolution Ideas

Many of us look at the new year as a reset button and that is a great way to look at it. There is ALWAYS a way to improve your life. If you want a better life it is about making a bunch of tiny steps in the right direction. Below I have written a list of ideas on what you can do to head your self in the right direction! Remember there is ALWAYS hope.

1. Have a cleaner house.
2. Take steps to get more organized.
3. Go to school.
4. Work out more.
5. Spend more time with your kids.
6. Repair a broken relationship.
7. Go to counseling.
8. Work harder on your marriage.
9. Look for a career you can be passionate about.
10. Get a pet.
11. Quit smoking.
12. Quit drinking.
13. Quit doing self destructive things to yourself.
14. Invest in healthy friendships.
15. Socialize more.
16. Go to church.
17. Start a new hobby.
18. Tell people you care about them more often.
19. Join a group or a club.
20. Volunteer.
21. Deal with your past traumas.
22. Be friendlier.
23. Get out of your comfort zone more often.
24. Write a bucket list and do it!
25. Find someone to help.
26. Take better care of your health.
27. Take better care of your car.
28. Face a fear.
29. Get in touch with a long lost friend.
30. Allow yourself to show your emotions to a trusted friend.
31. Do something that you would be proud of.
32. Quit procrastinating.
33. Work on improving your self esteem.
34. Decrease your depression.
35. Decrease your anxiety.
36. Get your anger under control.
37. Learn how to cook.
38. Drink more water.
39. Get toxic people out of your life.
40. Eat healthier.
41. Read more.
42. Follow a budget.
43. Donate money to a good cause.
44. Read more to your kids.
45. Pay down debt.
46. Listen to more music.
47. Find a student to mentor.
48. Give more compliments.
49. Recycle more.
50. Laugh more often.

Make sure you tell someone what your news resolution is so they help hold you accountable!

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