Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to Get Your Kids to Listen to You

Are you sick of your kids not listening to you? It can be maddening when you tell your child to do something and they completely ignore you! Well I have simple trick that can work in a lot of scenarios.

This trick is called, First... Then. What this means is, if your child wants cookies they first have to have their carrots. If they want to watch a movie they first have to clean up their toys. You will give them what they want but they have to first do what you ask. This is a very effective tool in motivating children.

Remember you will sabotage yourself if you give in before they do what you ask. Stick to your guns and do not give them the "then" until they have done the "first".

To help people fully understand the concept I am going to list some examples for you.

  • First take a bite of chicken then have you can have an m&m. (this trick is very useful with the picky eaters)
  • First brush your teeth then you can watch one more show.  
  • First clean your room then you can have a friend over. 
  • First do your chores then you can have dessert. 
  • First take a shower then you can have your phone back. 
  • First do your homework then you can go on facebook. 

*For younger children or non verbal children doing first then with pictures can be effective. 

Parenting is one of the trickier things a person can sign up for. Children are always requiring us to stretch and be creative to teach them what they need to learn. I hope this tool is useful for you as it has been for me.

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