Tuesday, November 6, 2012

At Risk Youth Questionnaire for Moving Forward

At risk youth can get out of their trouble if they are willing to work hard and have someone to guide them. Here is a questionnaire to help guide you through that process. Common goals include: Anger management, Respecting Authority, Utilizing Self-Calming Strategies, and Improving School Performance

How did you do on goal 1?

How did you do on goal 2?

How did you do on goal 3?

What obstacles made it hard for you to achieve your goals this week?

What areas did you see progress in or are you most proud of for this week?

What do you need to do differently next week?

What should you repeat next week?

Are there any problems needing to be solved this week?

How high were your stress levels this week?

What coping skills were most effective this week?

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