Sunday, November 18, 2012

5 Ways to Overcome the Holiday Blues

Are holidays hard for you? A tremendous amount of people answer yes to that question. Holidays can be miserable because of family conflict, no family, deaths, divorce or other related heart ache. Many people dread the holidays and count the days until it's over. Today I am writing a list for you of five ideas on how to make the holidays more enjoyable.

1. Make it not about you.
Find a place to volunteer. Many abuse shelters, homeless shelters and churches have volunteer opportunities on holidays. When we serve others in need it can make our problems and pain seem smaller.

2. Start a new tradition.
 Perhaps the holidays are depressing for you and there is nothing in it to look forward to. If that is the case for you, find something to look forward to. Start a new tradition like having a hot coco party with friends, cutting down a christmas tree, finding someone to help, making do it yourself gifts for people, baking cookies, finding something silly to do, or whatever other creative idea you can come up with.

3. Find resources.
If you are depressed or anxious get counseling. If you have financial problems talk to community helpers about what resources are available to you. Often times there are more options around the holidays to help with problems like that. Whatever your problem is, seek help. There are countless resources out there for every kind of problem.

4. Use the holidays as a way to motivate yourself.
If you have always wanted to start running, start schooling, or start playing chess use the holidays as an excuse to make it happen. Maybe now is the time to get a new pet. Make a positive change that will distract you from your holiday stress.

5. Set good boundaries for yourself.
Be prepared to say no if you need to. Make the holiday manageable by only agreeing to what you can handle. Also don't forget to meet your basic needs.

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