Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to Tell if Someone is Lying

Have you ever been talking to someone thinking to yourself, "I wish I knew how to tell if they were lying!" I know I have!! Well here are some tips on how to tell!

1. Watch if they touch their face.
When people lie they might cover their mouth, scratch their nose or touch their face more than normal, especially near their mouth. It is like they are covering their face to cover the lie.

2. Watch their eyes.
According to Wikihow (2012), "When people remember details their eyes move to the right (your right). When people make something up, their eyes move to the left."
When people lie they might rub their eyes, or blink more or longer. Lack of eye contact is not necessarily a tell because people often will force eye contact to seem more truthful.

3. Watch for quick facial expressions.
There is something called micro expressions. These appear on people's face for a split second and then go away. You need to watch closely for this because it often reflects a persons true feelings.

4. Watch their body language.
Nodding their head no when they are saying yes with their words can be a sign. Excessive fidgeting, sweating, or frequent swallowing can be a sign. Keep in mind some of these signs can simply be from being nervous, not necessarily lying.

5. Watch how they tell the story.
Some times when trying to make a story believable people will add in too many details, giving away that they actually made up the story. They may also be off with their timing on how they respond to you. Hesitating before answering or answering very quickly can be a hint.

Keep in mind we can never know for sure just by following these signs. It's helpful if you know the person and know what a typical response looks like from them so you have something to compare it to.


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