Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's Up With Liars?

The Common Liar
People lie all the time in every day life, but most of us would like to think we can trust the bulk of what people say. Some times people lie to protect someone's feelings, or because of a fear of what consequences the truth might hold. Insecurity can often cause lying. If a person isn't secure enough in themselves they might make up what they think you want to hear about them. This type of person might make up an interest or pretend to share yours. Over all the people in this category are generally healthy people that just lie once in a while.

The Habitual Liar
The person in this category lies all the time about almost everything. The truth makes them uncomfortable, but lying is just right. Typically people in this category starting lying in their childhood. For some of these people it may have been to prevent verbal or physical abuse. Lying served a specific purpose in their life and they carried it into adulthood. For this type of person stopping lying would be very difficult because their instincts would tell them it is not safe to tell the truth.

The Sociopath
A sociopath is a separate category. People in this category lie for a specific purpose and are often very good at it. A sociopath will have no regard for who they hurt or any law they break. Sociopaths can be very charming and can hide their deviant nature. Their lies are typically more thought out. A sociopath is very skilled at manipulation and lying is a frequently used tool to achieve their selfish goals.

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