Sunday, July 1, 2012

Who am I and What am I About?

Many people want to know who their counselors are and what they are about. Some people like knowing nothing about their counselor because they feel safer opening up that way. If you are that person discontinue reading.

First things first I have the privilege of living my passions: God, my family and my job. I have wanted to be a counselor since I was a child, literally as long as I can remember. Now that I am doing my dream I some times cannot believe I have arrived. I have spent my whole life preparing for this.

As a child I never dreamed about being married or having kids but then I met Dan. Very soon after I started dreaming about those things. After spending a few months dating him I thought to myself, "I would like him to be the father of my children." Which if you knew me at the time you would have realized what an odd thought that was for me.

Dan and I got married in 2005 and now have two amazing boys ages 3 and soon to be 5. I was right about wanting Dan to father my children. He is an incredible dad. My children also amaze me, challenge me and melt my heart all at the same time. Being a mom has been such an asset to my job, in the sense that there are a lot of things about parenthood that I never understood until I lived it. For example potty training some times goes smoothly, other times it is a horror of horrors.

My life isn't all picture perfect. There are situations in my life that break my heart and skyrocket my anxiety, but I'd rather not get into the details of them, as they are very personal. But if you are wondering if I know what anxiety feels like, the answer is yes I do. Do I know what depression feels like? Yes I do. Do I know what pain and heart break is first hand? Yes I do. Have I experienced it as deeply as you? I'm not sure but I do know I will meet you with compassion and tools to help you get out of that painful place.

What if you and I do not have the same belief system? For example I am a strong christian and faith is a big part of what and why I do what I do. If you do not share those beliefs should you see some one else? The answer to that is up to you. I do not talk about my faith in session unless invited to, so if you do not want that to be part of your session it certainly does not have to be. You will never be met with judgement or shame by me NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. I believe in change. I believe that all people can change if they want to. It is a privilege for me to help you do that.

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