Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mental Health Questions?

I want my articles to be relevant to my readers. If you have a topic or a question you would like me to write on, please e mail me at:! Your identity will be kept private.  If you don't care feel free to ask questions or ideas as a comment below. Also if you have a simple question and don't need a whole article feel free to ask!


  1. Can you address the issue of too much gaming/media on the childs brain? I have 6 sons and have always been "the bad guy" when it comes to gaming and too much media. I never said they could not game but always talked about limits. Games are designed to be addictive and I want them to know that. Although my family is older, I see the video/media/gaming influence in toddlers already!

  2. Great post idea. Look forward to an article on that on Thursday. I will dig into the research on it.


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