Sunday, June 10, 2012

Top 5 Reasons for Panic Attacks

  1. §  Emotional Stress. This is a common cause of anxiety attacks. Troubled relationships can often trigger emotional stress and lead to anxiety attacks if not managed.
  2. §  Stress at the work. Work can often put a lot of demands on your life. There can be high expectations, deadlines and difficult projects. Sometimes there are difficult people you work with. This can all cause stress leading to anxiety attacks.
  3. §  Fear of future events. Worrying about what will happen in the future is a big cause of anxiety attacks, maybe even the biggest. Sometimes it is general fears of the future and other times it is about a specific event. Some people spend hours obsessing about these topics and worry themselves into panic attacks.
  4. §  Previous life experiences. A traumatic past experience can cause a panic attack because a current life event can trigger feelings from the past.
  5. §  Hormonal imbalances can be a cause of anxiety attacks but can be easily cured by consulting a doctor.

What to do about Panic Attacks:

Below is a list of things you can to do to help with anxiety and panic attacks.
Spiritual Belief System
Regular exercise
Family and Friends
Expressing Yourself Creatively
Down Time/relaxation

Panic attacks are serious and can be very scary while you are having them.  Do not be afraid to seek help in managing your anxiety. You don’t have to live with panic attacks forever. 

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