Sunday, June 17, 2012

Results of Having No Dad

“Happy” father’s day to some, but to all too many it is a depressing day thinking of what they do not have. Fathers have a powerful impact on their child’s life good or bad.  Unfortunately we all pay the price when the impact is bad. According to U.S. Census Bureau 1 out of 3 children live in a home without a dad present.

The reports the following as a result of absent fathers:

  • Children in father-absent homes are five times more likely to be poor. 
  • A child with a nonresident father is 54 percent more likely to be poorer than his or her father.  
  • Infant mortality rates are 1.8 times higher for infants of unmarried mothers than for married mothers.  
  • A study of 3,400 middle schoolers indicated that not living with both biological parents quadruples the risk of having an mood disorder. 
  • Children who live apart from their fathers are more likely to be diagnosed with asthma and experience an asthma-related emergency even after taking into account demographic and socioeconomic conditions. 
  • Even after controlling for income, youths in father-absent households still had significantly higher odds of incarceration than those in mother-father families. Youths who never had a father in the household experienced the highest odds.  
  • A 2002 Department of Justice survey of 7,000 inmates revealed that 39% of jail inmates lived in mother-only households. Approximately forty-six percent of jail inmates in 2002 had a previously incarcerated family member. One-fifth experienced a father in prison or jail.  
  • Even after controlling for community context, there is significantly more drug use among children who do not live with their mother and father.  
  • Being raised by a single mother raises the risk of teen pregnancy, marrying with less than a high school degree, and forming a marriage where both partners have less than a high school degree. 
  • Separation or frequent changes increase a woman’s risk of early menarche, sexual activity and pregnancy.  
  • Teens without fathers were twice as likely to be involved in early sexual activity and seven times more likely to get pregnant as an adolescent.  
  • The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth found that obese children are more likely to live in father-absent homes than are non-obese children.  
  • Fatherless children are twice as likely to drop out of school.  
  • Father involvement in schools is associated with the higher likelihood of a student getting mostly A's. This was true for fathers in biological parent families, for stepfathers, and for fathers heading single-parent families. 
  • Students living in father-absent homes are twice as likely to repeat a grade in school; 10 percent of children living with both parents have ever repeated a grade, compared to 20 percent of children in stepfather families and 18 percent in mother-only families.  
  • Half of all children with highly involved fathers in two-parent families reported getting mostly A's through 12th grade, compared to 35.2% of children of nonresident father families.

We all know dad’s are important but many of us do not realize just how important they are. So if you are an involved dad reading this, thank you for your involvement. If you are not please consider getting more involved. Our society needs you. 

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