Monday, May 28, 2012

How to Find The One

1. Are you being realistic about your expectations?
It is good to have standards such as "doesn't beat me" or "is a good person", but if you are waiting to find someone that is meets 1002 of your expectations you may be waiting a long time. Make a list of your expectations and sort out which ones are negotiable and which ones are needed. It would be a shame to miss out on a happy and fulfilling marriage because you thought you needed a guy with a six pack, who was also passionate about knitting.

2. Do you give up before the relationship ever really had a chance?
Relationships take time and effort to develop. Some people are hoping for an instant connection, "love at first sight", but the reality is most people do not experience that. For many it takes many months before those feelings come.

3.  Are you meeting people in the right places?
Is the only place you are meeting people at bars, but you are hoping to find a person that is really into God? You might have a harder time finding the one if you are looking in the wrong places. Go back to your expectations and think about where that person would spend time.

4. Are you putting effort into developing romantic relationships?
If you hide every time some one seems interested it is going to be hard to get married. Do you flirt back when some one pays special attention to you? Do you talk to people you are interested in, or do you just think about how great they are? Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone in order to meet the kind of person you are looking for? That might mean joining a club or organization in order to expose yourself to the right kinds of people.

5. Are you attracted to the right people?
If you are spending time dating people or pursuing people that you wouldn't actually marry, you are wasting your time. Before you start dating some one ask yourself, "Is this person marriage material". If they are not do not date them or pursue them.

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