Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dogs Can Help Get Rid of Anxiety, Depression and Stress

Did you know your dog can help you get over your symptoms of anxiety and depression? Research has shown just petting a dog for a few minutes can help release “feel good” hormones like serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin. This is a feel good source that is there for you whenever you need it. A good dog will love you unconditionally and you can have access to those hormones whenever you choose.

Studies have even suggested that pets can be a more consistent source of comfort than humans. Most dogs also love to be walked, which encourages the owner to get exercise. Regular exercise will increase self-esteem and decrease symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.

If you are an anxious thinker a dog can serve as a distraction from your thoughts that can be hard to get out of. Some people with anxiety think obsessively about a topic of concern. An adorable smiling dog with a ball in his mouth can be a good way to get your mind off of your worries. Many times just not thinking about your concern can be enough to calm you down.

Depression can sometimes cage us into not being motivated to do much of anything. A dog can encourage us to get up and face our day, go for a walk or play. My goldendoodle, Puma, wakes me up when the kids start to make noises in the morning by snuggling in next to me. He jumps on the bed and curls up as physically close to me as possible.  His cuddly approach to waking me up makes me smile and makes me more positive about getting up. Also training a dog can give you a project to work on and feel good about.  

Dogs can also add stress if it is not well trained or not the right breed for your family. Do your research before you commit to adding a dog to your family. There are many great websites that help you decide what dog would be best for you. Choosing the right dog can add a lot of joy and comfort to your life. 


  1. Get pet. Place pet in lap. Command faithful pet to stay. Place stereo headphones over ears. Begin 30-minute isochronic tone alpha brainwave entrainment preset. Turn sound volume up and as loud as possible while still being comfortable. Concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly. Breathe in through nose and out through mouth. Pet pet. End session. Remove headphones. Set pet on floor. Command faithful pet to stay. Wait one hour but continue breathing. Pick up pet. Return pet to lap and command faithful pet to stay. Replace headphones over ears. Begin 30-minute binaural beat alpha brainwave entrainment preset. Turn sound volume down and as low as possible until barely perceptible. Repeat previous breathing pattern. Pet pet. End session. Remove headphones. Place pet on floor. Reward pet. Rinse and repeat for thirty days. Calculate new stress level threshold. Tell others about this.

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