Thursday, March 22, 2012

A sneak peak into my book on Grandparent Divorce!

In this image (illustrated by Michelle Lund) Isaac is telling his toy cars/best friends that he was just told his grandparents are going to be moving to separate houses. When Grandparents Divorce is written with a professional perspective through added Q&A for parents to aid them in understanding what are age-appropriate behaviors and reactions. This book will help parents have those difficult conversations with their kids (ongoing as things change), explaining the very confusing divorce of their beloved grandparents. It is meant to help kids see that the emotions they’re feeling are normal—and to help them understand what changes are happening with their grandparents.  Most important aspect for the children is to understand that the divorce does not change either grandparent’s love for their grandchild.  Children grieve in many different ways. Getting them to process that grief can be difficult.

When Grandparents Divorce will answer hard questions like: 

What kinds of behaviors are normal when children are upset about a divorce in general, not just grandparent divorce?   
What can I do if my children are displaying behaviors related to the divorce?
How can I get my kids to talk about their struggles?
When should I tell my children about the divorce?
Is it okay to cry in front of my children about the divorce?
What do I do if my children are mad at their grandparents because of the divorce?

When Grandparents Divorce will be for sale in late summer or early fall! 


  1. Is this "only" for grandparent divorce? Or can it also be a great resource for parents to use with their children?
    Does the book have a target age range for the children it is ministering to?

    Just curious here...

  2. A lot of the principals in this book can be applied to other kinds of divorce. Reactions in children are likely to be stronger if it is their direct parents. The book's target audience is ages 3-7.


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