Saturday, February 25, 2012

Food and Mood

Have you ever gotten too hungry and suddenly became very irritable? This happens to me if I am not careful.  Just ask my husband. ;) Food can affect our moods quite significantly. Different foods can cause you to get jittery, lose focus, and become irritable or tired. Other healthier foods can cause just the opposite!  If you struggle with depression or anxiety it could significantly reduce your symptoms if you cut back on caffeine, sugar, alcohol and chocolate. Eating more vegetables, drinking more water, and including more whole grains can help stabilize your mood.

If you are not sure what foods effect you most keep a food diary. Simply write down what you eat and then how you felt afterwards. Looking at food from the perspective of how does this affect me, rather than how does this taste can drastically change your health. Food is meant to increase our strength and focus, but too often we use it as comfort food or go for convenient fast food.  Instead food becomes something that hurts us. 


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