Monday, February 13, 2012

Being Intentional Can Radically Change Your Life

Many of you have heard the saying, “life is what you make it”. Well as it turns out that saying is true.  Do you feel like you live a boring life? Well do you do boring things? If so I think the solution is clear. BE INTENTIONAL ABOUT CHANGING THAT. Do interesting and fun things. 

For a while my husband and I got in what I refer to as a boring stretch. Every date we went on was simply going out to eat, nothing more exciting than that. I started to not even look forward to the dates. Why spend the money, we could hang out at home. This was contrasted by our dating career where we explored old buildings, went to parks, went to lakes and rivers and found secret passage ways at our old college.  At one point we hid under a table, trying not to get caught in the building after hours, while a woman practiced piano for a whole hour. We enjoyed each other’s company and we did exciting things. So did we quit doing exciting things because we grew up and we matured? Maybe, but I think life got busy and we had kids, and we put adventure on the back burner. We quit being intentional about it.

We decided we wanted adventure back. We did not conclude that we fell out of love or lost the excitement for each other. No, we concluded we had to be intentional about making an adventure out of life.  Our dates now include in home camping (for winter), go carting, swimming, parks, kayaking, and more. The excitement is back. We are silly again with each other and our time together. 

The results of us being INTENTIONAL: our excitement and passion for each other is back in full action.

Life is what you make it. What do you want your story to be? Are you making your life meaningful? If not, make a plan to change that. Some inspirational friends of mine went extra lengths to make sure they were making memories together. They painted a wall with chalkboard paint and wrote out a list of dates they intended to go on during that season. When they went on the date they would check the box, until all of the boxes were gone. This couple knew the importance of being intentional about shaping their life.
We are all capable of living meaningful lives, so let’s make it happen. 


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