Sunday, January 22, 2012

Anger Management

At times it can be hard to see your progress when you are working on personal goals. If you go off of how you feel you are doing, you can get discourage because each slip up feels like a complete failure and it is hard to remember the times you were successful, especially in the case of anger management. If you just broke your door down, it’s hard to feel like you are making progress.  That is why charting your progress is an important tool. With the chart above you can measure how often you are having angry episodes and how severe they are. 

Here is how it works:

1 means you calmly communicated your concern.
2 means tension was rising but you were able to control your words and actions.
3 means you were able to control your actions but you raised your voice.
4 means you destroyed or wrecked an object of some kind.
5 means you hurt a person.

The small marks on the bottom indicate days. There are 90 marks on this chart. Establish the start date and write it on your chart, and then each mark indicates a day.
Now every time you have an incident, mark it on your chart.  The goal is you will eventually only mark 1 or 2s on your chart.  Charting data like this can help keep you focused on your goal and actually see your progress. This can be a very encouraging tool. 

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